Admobitec Mobile Advertising

Admobitec is European mobile Demand Side Platform. With Admobitec you reach your targeted audience on all major platforms and mobile devices. We offer you the opportunity to place your ads within a very wide selection of mobile sites and apps.

our features

Are you running a mobile Website? Or are you an app developer?


Engaging users by using advanced reactions enticing them to explore new content and apps.


Dynamically presented on mobile browsers by adapting to user gestures and screen properties.


Offers based on your user’s content preferences, location, device and operating system.


Works on all mobile web browsers installed on iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices.

For advertisers

Admobitec provides advertisers with optimized solution through efficient targeting.

Maximize the ROI

We help you achieve the maximum returns for you chosen objective by precise targeting and better budget allocation.

Dedicated account managers

Your single point of contact would be continuously monitoring the performance and would be making dynamic changes so as to achieve maximum returns.


A wide range of reports helps you to get actionable feedback and plan your campaigns accordingly.

for publishers

Admobitec helps mobile publishers and supply side partners maximize the value of their advertisement inventory.

Best value for your inventory

We help you monetize your inventory the best by having a wide range of advertisements and algorithms to attain best possible targeting.


We provide APIs through which our partners can directly pull reports from the system, thus avoiding any manual intervention.

Boosted Ad Revenue

Generate high CPMs and fill rates with full-screen high quality HTML5 ads from leading brands and advertisers.

About Us

Admobitec a revolutionary advertising platform for apps and mobile websites. We create a new type of highly appealing ad extensions that better engage users throughout the mobile web.

We are a fast-moving mobile monetization platform dedicated to find new and engaging ways to help publishers and advertisers generate real revenue from their apps and mobile websites. We started this journey two years ago, and now we are happy to say we delivered!

We developed our own mobile ad serving platform which is highly scalable, and forms the foundation of our ad network, in a record timespan of less than four months. This has been made possible by a team of very talented and motivated technology professionals whose consistent focus has been and would be to push the boundaries of Ad tech.

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