AdMobiTec delivers superior mobile advertising experience through a mix of quality premium publishers and a managed campaigns which generates the best ROI for advertisers.

mobile advertising

Choosing mobile advertising means opting for a much higher conversion ratio, as more users are focused on your ad and are ready to take action. Moreover, the cost per click (ECPC) is much lower and the click-through ratio (CTR) actually higher. This all stems from full attention to the mobile screen, where your ads will be shown.

It has the additional advantage that the user can take action right away and make a purchase, start a download or a conversation with you or one of your employees.

No prepay needed, performance based (CPI)
Non incentivized mobile web traffic
All geos, iOS/Android, phones/tablets
Fast campaign set up by experienced support team
Detailed real time reporting


By targeted mobile advertising you achieve the best results. Admobitec helps you to determine your specific target group in order to tune your advertising activities.

Geographic Targeting

We offer Geographic Targeting on a Country and Region level in selected areas.

Device Targeting

Admobitec can enable targeting to not just mobile manufacturers but also specific handsets of manufacturers.

Real-Time Reporting

You can choose to run your campaign inside specific mobile web or app and you can even choose the placement on the specific publication.

Device OS Targeting

Our OS targeting feature will enable you to target a particular device operating system.

Channel Targeting

Great way to reach users based on the content they are already consuming – bringing you a interested consumers.

Carrier Targeting

Audiences are targeted based on recent activity, such as past purchase, purchase intent and keyword searches.

Why Choose Admobitec?

Admobitec treats advertisers with the utmost professionalism, making sure that their ad campaigns are smoothly executed. Additionally, we offer numerous services, on top of a whole lot of extra features, with prices that competitors just can't match.


Admobitec's massive portable network is able to support numerous creative formats. Whether your ad is as straightforward as plain text, or as interactive as a video, you can be sure that your target audience will be able to view or interact with it.


Admobitec offers a universal advertising solution that will work with the various brands of movable devices on the market. May it be an iPhone, Android OS, iPad, or Android based tablet, advertisers can be certain that their ads will display correctly.


Simply log on to Admobitec and you can easily get insights on the status of your campaigns. In addition, because data is presented in real time, you will be able to see how you ad campaigns are doing at any given time.