We can help better monetize your site and achieve constant recurring revenues through not just a great targeted platform but also through constant monitoring, optimization of inventory, blocking of non performing Ads and publishers.

Our benefits

Whether you have a mobile site or an app, advertising is a great way to monetize your investment and earn on going revenue. It is possible to earn much more from Admobitec mobile ad platform since we are connected with major supply sources.

Reliable payments

Don’t worry about the money. We pay our publishers weekly for the revenues generated the week before.

Improved CTR

Overcome banner blindness by offering highly-optimized ad units which guarantees higher CTR.

eCPM optimization

Increase revenue by prioritizing ads through a complex algorithm.

Full Control

Get by the minute stats about impressions, clicks, estimated revenue through our live analytics dashboard.

Smart Mobile Engagement

Expand your content with integrated apps your users will love and achieve better results.

24/7 Premium Support

Benefit from technical support during business days and dedicated account managers committed to help you drive better results.

our features

Start monetizing your app today, without asking users to pay a fee. Our innovative software makes integration very easy, within ten minutes you already can already start earning money.

One Dashboard

Whether you work with two, ten, or twenty ad sources, you can view detailed metrics inside the dashboard. Get a comprehensive view of your earnings and performance.

Targeting / Control

Use GEO, operating system, or device targeting to fine tune your ad source allocation to best suit the needs of your app & business.

Keep 100% of the revenue

Admobitec doesn’t charge any commission or revenue share when you serve an ad through your ad sources in mediation!

Robust Reporting

Slice and dice your data to identify trends and get reporting that matters. View reports by ad source, GEO, placement, ad unit, and much more.

Best Customer Support

We care about your success and experience with our product. No matter the issue, you have a team of mobile experts ready to help.

Explain why we're best

Admobitec helps mobile publishers and supply side partners maximize the value of their advertisement inventory. We achieve this by a combination of continued investment in technology and close coordination with our publishing partners. Our algorithms ensure that publishers receive maximum value for each ad request through a combination of precise targeting and effective CPM maximization.

Reliable and Secure Platform
Everything is perfectly organized for future
Tons of features and easy to use and customize
Offers fast and reliable support